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In Action – Photography

As early adopters to the cloud, photographers have always seen the value in cloud backup. But, with the proliferation of data, the challenge has evolved into finding an affordable solution that can protect, organize and analyze millions of photos.


Sadly, traditional backup services cannot cope with this demand. With Zoolz, you won’t have this problem. Our technology uses artificial intelligence to simplify the backup and data management process by automatically structuring and analyzing billions of files – from any data source.

Why Choose Zoolz Intelligent?

tailoredA tailor-made for photographers

securedUltra-secure platform

costSave money

accessableComputer and mobile access anytime, anywhere

shareShare data across all smart devices

easyNo IT degree necessary to get started

An innovative platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to backup and organize your images

Features Built For Photographers


Never Lose A File

Whether you connect your hard drive, server, mobile device or even your Dropbox account, you’ll never lose your data. Every file backed up to our servers is protected with military-grade encryption – the same level as NASA.


RAW Image Preview

Zoolz provides a centralized web console where you can preview all your RAW images and jpegs without adding any extra software. Never lose your files or the quality of your photos.


A.I. Photo Detection

Discover images by the objects that appear within them. Search things like ‘cup’, ‘phone’, ‘laptop’ and ‘friend’, and our technology will accurately display the results.

This feature, which isn’t available in traditional backup services, is designed to process millions of photos automatically and at a low cost.


Facial Recognition

Unlike traditional backup services, our solution comes with facial recognition. As soon as you upload an image, our technology will start scanning the picture for faces. It can also detect emotions with a % of accuracy.

These photos are categorized by thumbnails, enabling you to access cherished moments with just a click of a button.


SaaS Backup

Got pictures on different services? Wouldn’t it be easier to centralize all your files into one location. That’s exactly what you can do with Zoolz Intelligent. Backup and view all your photos from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Instagram and Facebook.


A.I Places (coming soon)

Easily view your photos from your last holiday or photoshoot by city. Our powerful solution will intelligently organize your photos by location.


Smart Image Filters

Pinpoint any image in seconds. By analyzing the content of any file uploaded, our technology gives you the ability to search images by a range of filters, including: quality, camera type, location, date and size. You can even search by dominant color.


No Experience Necessary

All the IT heavy lifting is done by us. You don’t need to be an IT technician to get started. Connect your hard drive, NAS, smartphone and services like Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram with no fuss.


Archive & Instant Access

Secure file protection and accessibility without breaking the bank is pivotal. That’s why we’ve combined Cold and Hot storage. Our Intelligent Archiving features provides a low-cost solution to archive your media assets for a lifetime and retrieve them instantly. Get the best of both worlds.


Complete User Management

You’re in full control with our user management system. Set the permissions and privileges. Our platform also provides a real-time activity log of your account.


Real-Time Reporting

Transparency is integral to the success of your company. Zoolz Intelligent provides a complete auditing tool to track user activity in real-time. Ensure the integrity of your data and get a complete overview of your account.

Zoolz Intelligent – the answer to your photographic needs.

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Crowdfund Opportunity
UHIVE the world's First Social Network with Physical Dimension and Hybrid Blockchain