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Copy, Encrypt & Ship

Zoolz Copy, Encrypt & Ship service facilitates bypassing the Internet by copying and encrypting all your data to an external drive, and once completed, by shipping directly to our secure datacenters. Saving you time and internet bandwidth



  • Zero Knowledge, means all your data is encrypted on the actual hard drive before you ship it to us
  • Option to ship the disk to US or Europe Servers and once the processing completes, we will ship your disk back with no extra charge.
  • Use it anytime: This service can be used at anytime during backup, it can be an initial seed or anytime your data accumulates.
  • Continuous protection; your backup will resume uploading directly to our servers once you stop the copy service. It will not wait for the arrival of the disk to resume backup.
  • Easy to use: Just select your disk and start the service, once you’re done, stop the service and ship the drive to us
  • Supports Desktops/Laptops/Netbooks and Servers
  • Supports USB2.0, USB3.0, eSata, Firewire


We take your data seriously; your data will be encrypted and shipped with Zero Knowledge. In addition we tamper-proof the device by hashing all contents, ensuring that all data is committed correctly to our datacenters in its encrypted format.

How does it work?

1- Contact our sales team to get a shipping label for your drive

2- Prepare and connect your drive to your computer that you have Zoolz installed on

3- Open the Copy service setup wizard, and follow the step-by-step Wizard to start the service.

4- Once you’re done, click on Stop Copy Service button on Zoolz Dashboard

5- Ship it and we’ll do the rest


Size of your data Total Price
1 TB (1 Device) $160
2 TB (1 or 2 Devices) $225
4 TB (1 or 2 Devices) $380
8 TB (Up to 4 Devices) $740
16 TB (Up to 8 Devices) $1500
More or bigger devices size Contact us


If my drive gets full, can I start on a new drive?

Yes, once the drive is full, Zoolz will ask whether you wish to stop the service or resume on a different drive. However, please make sure that you have notified us prior sending multiple devices.

If my drive gets disconnected or my machine reboots in the middle of the process will the copy service resume automatically?

Yes, the copy service will resume where it left off automatically once you regain power to your computer or connect the drive.

How can I specify what server location I would like to ship to?

Contact sales and they will ask you what Server location you would like to ship to and provide you with the corresponding address.

What happens after I stop the service? When will my new and changed files get uploaded to Zoolz immediately?

Zoolz will resume uploading all your new and changed files to on the next schedule even before your disk arrives and gets processed

Can I pause the copy service?

Yes, by using the pause button in the Zoolz Dashboard

How can I check the status of my shipped files?

During the Copy Service your files will automatically appear under My Computers tab in, however, with a disabled status marked “Pending Arrival”, once arrived and processed they will be available for download. You can also check the status of the copy service progress from the online dashboard

After the process completes, will you return the disk?

Yes, once your files are processed we will return the disk to your return address with no extra charge. You can also request to have the disk wiped before sending it back.

How can I specify what files to go to instant storage, and what files to go to cold?

The copy service will rely on the data selections you have specified in Select Data during the backup Wizard; the Smart Selection and My Computer will go to Instant Storage and Cold Storage Selections will go to Cold Storage.

What are the hardware requirements?

Shipping to the US:

Item Requirement
Power for External Devices
  • US wall socket plug*
  • 120Volts @60Hertz
  • Max Power Consumption 2,000Watts
Interface Type
  • eSATA
  • USB 2.0 and 3.0(including USB flash drives)
Dimensions The maximum device size is 14 inches high by 19 inches wide by 36 inches deep (8Us in a standard 19 inch rack).
Weight The maximum device weight is 50 pounds.
Do I need to include my USB/eSATA cable, power cable, and power supply?

Yes, for non internal SATA hard drives, your package must include your connector cables, power cables and power supply. If any of these are missing, we will return your package unprocessed. For internal SATA hard drives, no cables are necessary.

Are my files processed with zero knowledge?

Yes as they are encrypted with 256-AES on your device during the copy service. Therefore your files are processed with Zero knowledge

When should I consider using Copy encrypt and Ship

It depends on your Internet connection speed and the amount of data you wish to backup. Basically if you have more than 1TB, shipping will save time and Internet bandwidth, however, if your connection speed is 1Mbps then you might want to consider using this service if you are backing up 100GB or more.

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